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Guest KCB

Hi all. Thanks so much for such an informative forum! I have no experience with radios other than CB as a kid/young adult and FRS with my grandkids. Was looking for ways to keep in touch with my son on the other side of the hill just in case and GMRS seems like a good option (there’s a local club I’ve asked to join with a repeater between us). HAM sounds interesting, but think I’ll get my feet wet with GMRS first. Anyway, thanks again for all the great info here, I hope to join when my info can be confirmed.

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Welcome! So there is a hill between you and your son? How far apart are you? That could be a problem. Hopefully you can both reach the repeater.

GMRS is UHF. UHF and VHF are basically line of sight however they can penetrate many obstructions such as vegetation and buildings to a certain extent.

VHF is better at getting through forests etc so is better in rural areas  and UHF is better at going through buildings so is better in urban areas, but hills and mountains will block both. Radio requires a fair bit of experimenting to find what works and to solve problems that will crop up.

Lots of good help here.

Have fun!

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