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Talkpod A36Plus GMRS Offset problem continued.



This is my last ditch effort with my A36plus before just returning it. I really don’t want to because my wife loved this radio and I wanted to give it to her. 

Like I mentioned previously the radio came a complete mess but i removed all the unwanted privacy codes and incorrect offset for repeaters. As you can see below I fixed the offset to +5 but my radio isn’t letting me transmit on any channels but except the 462 channels. I get a restricted beep when it tries to transmit on the 467 freq. I updated firmware. I reset the radio. Any other possible advice before returning to Amazon?


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1 hour ago, WRXB215 said:

In the image, you don't have any tones set on the repeater channels.

Thanks for taking a look.

No I don’t have tones in there but it doesn’t matter. It does the same thing - restricts me from transmitting with a +5 offset. The problem is with the radio not letting me transmit on the 8 repeater channels. 

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9 minutes ago, OffRoaderX said:

What has Talkpod support had to say about all this?  Surely you contacted support for help?

I reached out to the what’s app number with a similar explanation, picture and video but haven’t heard back yet. I just now also tried their email. I’m going to give them a shot but at this point I’m just severely considering returning it and getting that new Crystal Tidradio H3 for my wife. I haven’t seen any reviews on it yet though so I kinda want to wait for that to hit Amazon too (just in case). Please consider reviewing it if you get the chance to. I really appreciate your content / input on everything. 

thank you!

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