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Bob Heil - Silent Key

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If you are an audiophile or a geek Amateur Radio operator, you will be saddened to know that today the world has become a worse place. My acquaintance and fellow member of The Friendly Bunch Amateur Radio Club lost his battle with cancer.  My heart hurts a little today.

For those to don't know him, he was an amazing friend to the radio community.  He was very generous with his time, always making the effort to talk to people he met on the radio or on the streets.  He loved music and was a brilliant engineer.  I'm blessed to have known him for the past 4+ years.

From his employees...

Today we say goodbye to our beloved founder, Dr. Bob Heil. Bob fought a valiant, year-long battle with cancer, and passed peacefully surrounded by his family. Bob’s impact on professional and live sound cannot be overstated. Driven by a lifelong passion for sound, Bob’s pioneering work revolutionized how concertgoers experienced live sound. Bob created and developed numerous pro sound innovations and products over the years, some of which are preserved in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. In 2007, Bob was the recipient of the Audio Innovator Parnelli Award, recognizing his outstanding influence on the live sound industry. Countless artists, creators, broadcasters, podcasters, sound engineers, and sound professionals worldwide continue to be impacted by Bob’s work. While Bob’s presence will dearly be missed, we are immensely proud and happy to honor and carry on his legacy. #bobheil #heilsound #heilmicrophones #livesound #prosound




A snip from Wiki...

Bob Heil (October 5, 1940 – February 28, 2024) was an American sound and radio engineer most well known for creating the template for modern rock sound systems. He founded the company Heil Sound in 1966, which went on to create unique touring sound systems for bands such as The Grateful Dead and The Who. He invented the Heil Talk Box in 1973, which was frequently used by musicians such as Peter Frampton, Joe Walsh and Richie Sambora, and is still in use today.

Heil has been an innovator in the field of amateur radio, manufacturing microphones and satellite dishes for broadcasters and live sound engineers. In the late 1980s Heil Sound became one of the first American companies to create and install home theaters, and Heil has lectured at major electronic conventions and taught classes at various institutions.

He has won multiple awards and honors, and in 2007 he was invited to exhibit at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Godspeed. You will be missed.


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My condolences to the family. He was at the Collinsville, Il ham fest last month and his grandson tested that day. A couple of guys from my club got to talk to him that day. He will be missed. Maybe his grandson will get his call sign.

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