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UV-17r Pro Gps and UV-5rh

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I have a few uv5r’s and a few I’ve-17r pro v2s NON gps.  They all work fine.  They have all the features of radios 10xs the price they transmit the exact same distance as my Motorola xts3000 radios   All my radios get used just about every day.  I love the cheap Chinese ones. 30miles across the valley is no problem and if they get lost stolen forgotten left behind or go in the river or get crushed by a horse who cares.  And end the end no one on the repeaters know the difference.  

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20 hours ago, WRZT411 said:

Does anyone have any experience with either of the radios listed above?  Comments appreciated.  Looking at them for a possible next purchase.

I have the UV-17R Pro GPS.  It's okay, but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it.  The only real useful feature is the GPS for me.

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