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Working with repeaters that require different DTCS codes for Tx and Rx


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01. How do you program a radio for a repeater that requires different DTCS codes for Tx and Rx?

02. Which radios support the programming of repeaters that have DTCS requirements for different DCS codes?

Example: Tone Mode Setting: Split Tone > Encode Tx DCS (XXX) > Decode Rx DCS (YYY)  

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Is this a trick question?

1) Go into the settings for TX DTCS tone and enter it, then go into the settings for RX DTCS and enter that

2) Virtually all GMRS radios manufactured after 2017, and a large majority of ones manufactured before 2017.. The list of radios that do not support this is very small.

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Greetings Randy,

Interestingly enough, my ICOM IC2730A only has one DCS point on it's programming menu to enter the single code data.  As you already know, selecting the correct tone mode setting is also required. 

When I am using CHIRP or RT System programming software and I read from my ICOM IC2730A, I see a column titled DCS.  I do not see anything titled DCS Tx or DCS Rx.

Manual shows my ICOM IC2730A does support:

I suspect my Icom IC2730A does not support Split Tone > DTC.DTC. 

I hope I am wrong.

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Here is part of the description from DX Engineering:

CTCSS and DTCS tones are built-in for quiet stand-by and repeater access. CTCSS split tone function allows you to set CTCSS tones separately for repeater uplink and downlink. A single DTCS code may be polarity reversed independently for repeater uplink or downlink. IC-2730A receivers cover 118-174 and 375-550MHz.

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On 3/18/2024 at 1:41 AM, Raptor1 said:

Thank you. 

I've contacted ICOM support with the same question, it will be interesting to see their response.  That's if I get one.


I am pretty confident the responce if you get one will be a copy of the user manual. As said its a HAM radio and not GMRS. To be quite honest this is what I use split tones (DPL and CTCSS) to keep all the ham and CCR crap off my repeaters. 

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