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Mobile GMRS warning


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An elderly man with a GMRS radio in the car was going down the interstate when suddenly his radio crackled his call sign.  Answering...he heard a fellow GMRS operator's urgent warning....."Hey, just heard on the news that there's a car going down I-95 the wrong way, please be careful"!!    The elderly driver replied, "Well, now, it's not just one.......
there's hundreds of them'!!!!!!!!!

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I did this on a motorcycle once. Not down I-95, though. I didn't want to go through a u-turn a drive all the way around a curve, so, I drove the wrong lane. All of the other drivers were far off (it was night). I don't know if anyone noticed. I only did that once, though. I try to follow rules.


Edit: Did I just admit to a crime?

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