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  1. Well, sad hams do deserve some scorn.
  2. ^^^^^^^^^ My bad math, My brain saw it as approx. 2.8 million sq ft in a sq mile, not 28 million sq ft. Off by a zero
  3. I agree, 20 acres covers approx. 1/3 sq mile and if need be, comms can likely be covered by just handhelds only if used on property only, no repeater needed. I would get a base station in the main house, a Wouxun 20 watt mobile with a DC power supply, rooftop antenna and cable will cost maybe $500. Then maybe 3-4 handhelds (Wouxun KG905G are rated IP66 for dust/water resistance, $100 ea.) and perhaps a mobile radio/antenna in the main truck, the whole setup less than $1500. But it all depends on number of family members, number of vehicles, etc. And depending on terrain, you can still communicate outside of the property lines, perhaps miles beyond.
  4. You ask this question, then slam extremely knowledgeable people for answering your question. Then mention on how bitchen you are, and how everyone is else is suspect.
  5. I still kinda new at this GMRS thing, but the reason I eventually got a 50 watt base station (KG1000G+) along with a base antenna 20' up in the air is because I don't live in a desert or a mountain top with only a few dozen houses/buildings in a ten mile radius giving me an unfettered line of sight. My impression is that the extra power can push the signal past the hundreds of houses, buildings and trees in my area to hit a repeater or simplex comms beyond a few miles. And I'm sure the guys with a clear, unobstructed line of sight can do this with just a pair of handhelds. But I can't in my area.
  6. Just started this GMRS thing at the beginning of this year- Yaesu FT70D (MARS mod) Wouxun KG935G+ (2) Wouxun KG1000G+ Samlex SEC-1235M Diamond SHR77CA HT antenna Nagoya UT-72G mobile antenna Midland MXTA26 mobile antenna Comet CA-712EFC base antenna
  7. I'm also kinda new at this, but seriously, you're a member of this site, look at the various mygmrs.com maps of your area.
  8. Thanks guys, I had no idea of exactly how much signal loss would occur using adapters, sounds like it is less than a gnat's a$$. My plan is to get a cable with N type ends and use the adapter at the radio end. In another life, I used to make my own audio cables, but nowadays, my 63 yo eyes will not allow this anymore. And buying the custom cable will be more pricey than the factory one with an adapter.
  9. I bought a base Comet CA712EFC antenna with a female N connector and I plan to get a KG1000G+ radio with a female UHF (SO239) connector. Should I get a factory-built length ofcoax ( M&P Ultraflex 10) with PL239 ends and a N adapter or get someone to custom make one with N and UHF ends?
  10. For me, I wanted the ability to program the radio without the use of a computer, to be able to program it in the field. Plus receiving NOAA channels. Bought a pair of the Wouxun KG935G+ HTs. IMO, great radios.
  11. WSAW350

    Equipment Needed

    I'm in the same boat, I'm in the beginning stages of getting a base station setup to communicate (simplex) with my son 20+ miles away in the Dallas area; relatively flat terrain, but lots of homes, outdoor shopping centers, schools, etc. in between. We do have a repeater in-between us, but the idea is for simplex comms in case that is not an option. Basically two way emergency comms if "things" go south. It looks like buying the best possible base equipment/ cabling/antenna system at both ends of transmission and actually trying it out is the only solution, since there is no real magic formula to this endeavor, nothing written in stone. I know someone here said they got 200 miles in distance, but I'll bet he doesn't live in the Dallas/Ft Worth metroplex. If we fail in in direct two-way comms, we'll still have the repeater, plus each of us will have a bitchen' GMRS setup anyways. My other contacts will be within 11 miles and closer. And 20+ miles away is a gamble, a crap shoot, but a chance I'm willing to take.
  12. From what I understand, the antenna is glued onto the connector, supposedly the manual states that removing it invalidates the warranty. The radio transmits digital data like GPS, text, etc. But obviously, others have done so with good results. Apparently the connector on the antenna is SMA female, in this video, the guy has a KGQ10G and it sports a ABREE foldable antenna. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18PttBD4HUk&t=334s
  13. Maybe think about spending a little more and get a KG-935G Plus, it seems to hit the marks you laid out; transmits GMRS, receives VHF/UHF. FM radio, NOAA channels, IP66, etc.
  14. I have the same pair of radios and I can't reach a repeater that is 8 miles away. I live in DFW in a residential area and I'm finding my HTs are very limited with what I can do with them; with the factory antennas, the most my wife and I can transmit is 3 miles. We actually consider this pretty good under our conditions. For schifs and giggles, we hooked up one of the HTs to a UT72G mobile antenna that was placed on top of my BBQ area roof (9.5' high) and the other identical setup in my truck, and we managed to get 7 miles distance. I'm convinced to get more miles in distance, we need to get a proper base antenna and a 50 watt base system to hopefully punch the signal past trees and buildings. You might try an external antenna placed much higher than your HT antenna, same with your friend.
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