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Bridgecom Repeaters


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Anyone using a Bridgecom Repeater (and duplexer) for GMRS? I have some resources coming and was considering putting up a repeater. (I have a good location for it. Not where I live, but family on hilltop overlooking the city.). I was thinking about going the amateur 1.25m (220) route at first, but now considering GMRS as it’ll likely get more use and would be open to some of the folks I have in mind (mainly family). I plan on having it completely open for public access. Bridgecom just caught my eye and was curious if anyone is using one of their repeater/duplexer products. I have a BCH-220 (1.25m) HT from Bridgecom and if that’s any indication, then their repeater/duplexer products should be good as well. Their customer support also seems to be very responsive.



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I have one of the new Bridgecom VHF repeaters, 2 of the older Bridgecom VHF repeaters, and 2 of the older UHF repeaters on the W0WWV Link System in Nebraska.  It is a Ham system, but the repeaters are the same, and I have had good service from them for years.  On the oldest ones, I did have to replace the power supply capacitors after about 5 years of 24/7 service. 


No, I don't have any financial interest in Bridgecom, but I do use them, and can recommend them.  They aren't Motorola, but you're not paying for that name either.  As near as I can tell, they use Maxon commercial internal components.


The company does have outstanding service, and the techs answer their own phone calls when you have questions.


I do not know who makes their duplexers.  I use Sinclair, dB Systems, and Phelps-Dodge duplexers.



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I own a barely used Bridgecom BCR-40U repeater with internal duplexer and full programming kit I'd like to sell. It was only on the air for about four months from my residence. Since I've never been able to locate an affordable tower, I have no real need for it any longer. It is currently tuned to the GMRS 462.675/467.675 repeater pair.


The current price for this complete system from Bridgecom is $1430 + tax and shipping. Please PM me if you are interested, or email me n4gix at Comcast dot net. I'm asking $1000...

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