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New TYT GMRS Handheld (POD-GMRS25)?


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That is indeed, a very neat looking little radio! It's rated as being waterproof too, and the advertising specifically mentions using it on motorcycles and ATVs.

I wonder if the low power setting can be adjusted to 2 watts for MURS?


Btw, the manual specifically states that it does offset for repeater operation.

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It's a TYT model that has been all over. The original has a WP version (water proof) and a regular version. I've used them and heard them being used (pre-95 certification). They aren't bad little radios, IMHO.


It looks to me like they just submitted it for certification with little, if any, modification.

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I missed this thread, but just found it after searching  for 95E mobile radio grants, and seeing the TYT-GMRS25 or TYT TH-8600 V1.4 GMRS. I saw a post on "Amateur Radio News"  by Xiao low-cost dated 1 Dec 2018 about the radio. That post lists the bandwidth at 25Khz, wideband  16K0F3E. I do not believe that could be correct for all the frequencies that it can xmit on because the interstitial channels with 5w limit are narrow 12.5Khz, and the 50w limit GMRS channels are 20Khz (medium??) under the recent changes. I sure like the idea of a currently-produced competitor for the Midland MXTs, especially if it is IP67 rated! I wish TYT would take similar action with one of their IP67 HTs (like one of their "rugged" DMR HTs, with the digital portion "disabled" for Part 95E.

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I can't verify until I have one in my paws but my guess is that it will be possible to program it up; VHF included.


I'm quoting myself because I have experienced another data point since my post. We had a TYT TH-8600 here that was firmware locked to 2m and 70cm only. As such, I am changing my guess and say that any future part specific units based on the TYT TH-8600 will likely be locked to their appropriate frequency range if they enter the country legally. This will likely be firmware fixed so that it will require a firmware downgrade to change it.

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I emailed TYT about this radio.


I got a response late last night (from China) who put me in touch with the vendor for the US.


I got a response from him stating that they are in stock able to be sold, but are not being marketed yet. I did request to be put in touch with a sales rep.


Will see how it goes.


Big questions will be in regards to be able to TX and RX on different tones as is a problem with the only other GMRS radio out there.


Will update.

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I talked to Rugged Radios today.


The GMRS 25 has the following specs, according to the sales person.


IP67 rating

RX and TX tone selective

25khz bandwidth

Field - microphone control - programmable

They have them for sale, though have not directly marketed them yet.



The price seems steep to me, but for a person like myself who just wants to have a radio that works, and doesn't want to mess with things too much, it might be worth it.


I am considering getting one in the near future, as I don't have any radios yet and just got my license. I have been searching for a while now.

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They also used to (maybe the still do) sell radios preprogrammed with what they called "race channels" which were a mix of frequencies from the business and public safety pools. They did not make it clear to the consumerthat appropriate FCC licenses are required to operate, and that the risk of causing harmful interference was very high. Not a reputable company, in my opinion.

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From my point of view, Rugged Radios' target market seems to be "wannabees".


They sell over-priced "wannabe" radio equipment to guys who "wannabe" Dale Junior, "wannabe" Rambo, "wannabe" Bob Chandler (Bigfoot), "wannabe" a policeman or a fireman....



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I did a short Youtube video on this.  Got a lot of flak from RR defenders.  They are sponsoring a bunch of off road channels on YouTube now so their re-badged overpriced stuff is getting more and more out there and gaining more supporters who IMO either dont' know any better or are getting free stuff from them anyway. 



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