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Icom F221 from Used-Radios.com


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Just want to give a thumbs up to the radio and to the seller. I bought an Icom F221 for GMRS from Used-Radios.com about ten days ago. I bought the F221 because I have had the VHF version F121 for over ten years and it's built like a tank. No surprise, the F221 is also a solid rig. Easy to program if you have the cable and software. The radio is pretty tightly enclosed to I think it should stand up to a dusty environment, i.e., SxS's and open vehicles. My F121 lives in my Jeep and works great. This F221 is temp-mounted in my pickup and looking for a home, either in the Jeep or go-box... 


Anyway, the people at Used-radios.com were good to buy from. The radio arrived with a brand new factory bracket still in the plastic sleeve with the OEM sticker listing the radios it mates with. Unfortunately the F221 wasn't one of them. I emailed Used-radios and they replied right away and sent the correct bracket immediately. It arrived today and all is well. Good company and good (really good) prices for commercial radios. These are used but come with a 90-day warranty. Fleet trade-ins, etc. You could hardly tell this one was used. Very satisfied.


That's it from here. 73.





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Nice radio but it appears not to be certified for FCC Part 95 GMRS use. https://fccid.io/AFJIC-F221S


While the information you posted is correct, without any further explanation it might not explain the whole issue of using Certified GMRS equipment. This is especially true for those new to GMRS. So, for their benefit... a quick search of the MyGMRS forum will show that this is a regular, and oft debated topic. I think the major points come down to:

  • The FCC specifically mandates the use of certified GMRS equipment on the service.
  • Part90 certified equipment exceeds the technical requirements for GMRS, but does allow the user to operate outside the GMRS band, which is not allowed.  BTW, The ICOM F221 is Part90 certified.
  • There is some evidence, though not explicit, that the FCC turns a blind eye to the use of Part90 equipment on GMRS.
  • There is no way anyone can tell if a given signal comes from a certified GMRS radio. (Though, you can tell if it comes from a poor quality transmitter.)
  • There are no recorded cases of anyone ever being cited for operating a non-certified radio on GMRS.
  • Most GMRS repeaters on the air today are not certified.
  • There is some question as to whether older certified GMRS Part95A equipment (I.e. from before the end of combined GMRS/FRS radios in 2017) is still certified for use under the new Part95E.  The FCC has never addressed the question, so, it is assumed it is still certified. But, the certification standards are not the same.

Now, I am not going to tell anyone they should not concern themselves with the FCC rules. What I will say, and this just echoes an opinion commonly expressed on this forum, is each person has to decide for themselves what they should do as far as their choice of radio equipment.

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