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Uploading Photos


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If you are using the web browser, try selecting your photo in your file system, then click copy (Ctrl+C in Windows), then try paste (Ctrl+V) in your new post to see it that works.


In my case, I use the TapaTalk app via my iPad. A button exists in the app for inserting it directly.






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Can anyone give me direction on uploading and linking photos for direct display on posts?

I can neither upload into the gallery or directly post pictures in my forums post.


When you reply to the thread you should have the toolbar with a bunch of buttons above composition window. You can use circled button to link to images on Internet and this way they will display directly in your post. See attached image 001.


Here is an example:




And you should see buttons below you composition windows that you can use to attach files to your post. See attached image 002



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Yep, tried that.


Tried from flickr


I get error can't use that image extention

files are jpeg


You are SOL regarding linking image from Flickr. They use some JavaScript programming to hide URL of actual image.


What you can do is download that image from Flickr, sign up with free image hosting site, upload image there, get URL, and then embed that image into your post here. 


I use that site:   https://postimages.org


Here is image from my storage from that site:



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I suggest using ShareX as it is a free utility that will allow for clipping anything on your screen, and saving it locally in it's own folder/sub-folder, plus uploading automatically to the cloud and finally putting a url into your clipboard for instant pasting into a forum post or email...


It can also create an animated GIF, and even record a video for you.



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