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Is there a Legal handheld radio with MURS and GMRS

Guest Pete M

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Yes, there is one that I can think of.  Motorola APX 7000 with the VHF and UHF-R2 bands in it.

It will program for both bands and should be legal on both ranges you inquired about.

They are about 3 grand used.  But you might find a deal on one for 2 grand

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The Tera TR-505 has both. It is Part 95 certified. Technically you are not supposed to run both services on the radio at the same time. I have two of them and they work great. I have tried both services, but for me it seemed GMRS worked best. I still occasionally program it for MURS depending on what I am using them for. The advantage of MURS is when I will be using them with someone who is not licensed for GMRS. 

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I think the reason why you won’t find any has to do with the fact that GMRS is a licensed service while MURS is not. The FCC several years ago changed the part 95 rules to clean up a very similar mess with the combo FRS/GMRS radios sold at the time.


Those radios, before the rule changes, included the 14 FRS, license free, channels along with additional channels that were specifically reserved for GMRS, a licensed service. The radios had a warning about the necessity to get a GMRS license to use the GMRS channels. Just about everybody who purchased those radios ignored the license requirements and used all the channels.


Having the license free MURS channels available along with GMRS channels on the same radio with the ability to use either one with a simple channel selector change just repeats the mess. I very seriously doubt the FCC is going to allow that to happen again.

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