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Aluminum tape usage on DB-404 antenna



I will be changing my DB-404 antenna  from Omni to Elliptical and according to the manual I am suppose to use Aluminum backed tape to resecure the antenna feed cable to the mast when done with the procedure. 

They mention using Scotch #425 as an example.

I am having trouble sourcing the tape locally and was hoping to finish my project this weekend.

Has anyone done this and used an alternative aluminum backed tape that specs out like Scotch 425 that I could find at a local Menards/Home Depot/Lowes/etc?


Thanks for any advice.

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Foil HVAC tape available at any hardware or home improvement store. Sticks like crazy, handles weather just fine, and electrically conductive. 

Like JohnE says, great for ground plane on fiberglass or other non-conductive surfaces. 

I used to patch a slightly over-size antenna mount hole on an aluminum roofed utility trailer. Still going strong many years later. 

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Another option that is NOT that tape is what they are doing now with fiber runs down a tower.

You tape the line down with 2 inch tape then wrap it with 3/4 fiberglass packaging tape and then wrap that with more of the 2 inch tape.

The fiber glass tape is as strong as the aluminum tape and is easier to work with.

That 425 tape will cut the snot out of you if you are not careful with it.


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