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Need a GMRS CodePlug for my AT-578UV



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47 minutes ago, generalpain said:

How did you even pass the FCC GMRS exam?

I, myself, just slipped freshly minted $70 bill to the examiner. But don't tell anyone.

8 wide-band frequencies + 8 wide-band repeater inputs + 8 wide-band low power freqs + 7 narrow-band low power freqs + CTCSS + DTS = over 9000 channels! Chinese math, yo! Could be tedious to add manually.

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7 hours ago, kb2ztx said:

First radio is not part 95 certified. Second there are only 8 GMRS frequencies. I would imagine it wouldn't take to long to add those. 

There are 8 GMRS repeater frequencies. You are not considering the 14 shared simplex frequencies!

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10 hours ago, n4gix said:

There are 8 GMRS repeater frequencies. You are not considering the 14 shared simplex frequencies!

OK Lads, thanks for the help.

I just discovered that I can enter the Rx freq but not a Tx freq ...so I need a decent/reliable base-station type GMRS rig as my D578 seems to be

Whooda thunk? I finally wanted to setup extra Comms for emergencies and hadn't tried my new-ish GMRS license until yesterday when I went about trying to enter the channels.

Actually, maybe I need a Repeater (?) .. Seriously, there are none that I can find within a hundred miles. I am on a ridge and could put a colinear on one of my towers.

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UPDATE: OK, I now have version 1.13 of the Anytone D578UV software installed in Windows XP (Presumably Win 10 will also work).

Go to the Model menu and go down to Model Information

There are two Model choices: D578UV and D578UVII

Under Frequency's, you will see there are either 11 or 12 pull down choices for each model.

The applicable one is probably Amateur US Mode 000007; try this and see if you can transmit on the GMRS channels as well as the Ham bands.

If not, keep trying the other Modes and report back your findings.

As a last resort, Amazon sells the AT-779UV for $99 and the Radioddity DB-20G for $129 and I find that it out performs my Yaesu FT-857d on both 2 meters and 70cm!

And I love being able to scan all my favorite GMRS and Ham Repeaters (and simplex channels) all at once!


Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 11.50.02 PM.png


Screen Shot 2021-08-01 at 11.53.39 PM.png

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