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GMRS/UHF Antenna

Guest Randy

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I'm a rookie ham operator. I also want to get gmrs radios so my unlicensed wife has emergency coms. I expect to put up a 2 meter/70 cm antenna  next year and I'm wondering if I can use it for gmrs. Thinking about an Ed Fong or something similar. Thanks for the help. 

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It depends on the antenna, to be honest. My comet gp1 base antenna, not so good for gmrs (swr around 3:1). The mobile comet 2x4sr is a lot better all the way across 2m, 70cm, and gmrs, 1.15-1.3.

I've been curious how the 2x5/8 Browning uhf antenna would look on 2m, it's really good on 70cm and gmrs (1.1 or less), but I haven't checked it for 2m. I should also check the signal stalk for gmrs, though it's good on 2m &70cm (1.2 or less).

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I usually use commercial Laird and Comprod antennas that are for 450-470 MHz with little SWR or problem over time. Ed Fong makes great antennas as well, very big in amateur and emergency response use cases.....having students cut them for specific frequencies. His influence on many Tecsun radios is appreciated as well. 

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