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1 hour ago, AdmiralCochrane said:

I was surprised at the number of grandfathered licenses in my area

I'm surprised the house keeping department at a close by mall has been operating without a license on GMRS, they have a repeater so there is no question they aren't operating under FRS rules, since 10/2015. It was never renewed from what I can see. If you look under the "ADMIN" tab in section "Special Conditions" you can see the repeater channel they were licensed to use at the time. I hear them on the radio at times, also the mall security has used it to contact the house keeping staff as well.

FRN: 0002748242

Callsign: KAB1523



I wouldn't be shocked if there are other cases like this around the area.

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On 2/23/2022 at 1:05 PM, Lscott said:

I'm surprised the house keeping department at a close by mall has been operating without a license on GMRS

I'm in the process of going through a similar audit for my local mall.....as the noise floor continues to go higher and higher. This was after a corporate user was found using FRS/GMRS Midland T70 radios, when licensed spectrum was being used by the previous license holder, instead of my corporate users, as they heard radio traffic on those radios and channels/frequencies. In many areas, it is common for end users to not know the status of their licenses, and continue to use the radios and system after a license has expired. Part of that is the lack of enforcement and compliance inspections, poor record keeping, lazy radio shop workers, and other factors. 

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