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Thought I'd share my opinion on the MXT115 for various uses. 

I started with the MXT115 for my parents. Simple and cheap. Since then I installed one in our Kubota RTV for around the property as well as on my Kubota BX. I have 10+ acres as well as neighbors etc. I run a GR300 with 25 watts out of the duplexer into a DB404 at 30' at home. It works great for a 5 miles area (way more than needed). 

We are planning a trip to the GC this summer and plan to take the jeep and our new CTC. While setting the trailer up I decided to have GMRS, and WX. Ended up just sticking another MXT115 in the CTC. Small yet perfect for our use. Our CTC runs off a Jackery 300 that gets charged during the day while we drive. Again simple and effective. As with all Midland stuff I threw the supplied antenna in the dumpster and installed a Larsen HF NMO mount in the roof with a 1/4 wave antenna. I can pick up 3 WX channels at home in my driveway on the 1/4 wave so most likely stick with it. I do have a Larsen Triband I plan to bring in case I need better. I run the Tri-Band on the JT for my 8500 anyway.

Our main use for the trip will be to talk to wife or myself when using the MSI talk about we carry also. Mostly campground communications when at bath house or shower. 

Anyway wanted to share. I plan to get a few more when i come home from my trip for our other utility vehicles around the property. Love midland or hate them these are all over in use for stuff like I am using them for. 


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Looks good!  I like programmable radios and am a geek with that kind of stuff, but for the rest of the family I have also decided to go Midland because they prefer simple, so that's what we are using in our cars and home.  I do wish they would allow us to program them for wideband on the older models.  I have returned several MXT275s to be redone for wideband (Assuming they have the USB C) but would be nice if CHIRP would work on them.

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I don't use my radio all that much, but for my needs the MXT115 works well enough.  Is it perfect?  Yeah right, far from it.  I picked up a brand new one, unopened for $40.  Can't beat that w/ a stick (well, I guess you could if you had a stick...).  I really only use it to keep in touch w/ my buddies and family when we're wheeling together.  It works great for that.  And I do like the size and mounting bracket.  Wish others would make a similar bracket.


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I want to make a pack radio using the MXT115 & 8 amp battery. I want to set it up into self contained box pouch . That way it still can be used while in the backpack. Like the older military pack radios.
That way I have a radio that has a little more power then a HT unit in the field .
I will also set up a 25 watt Ham radio .

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6 hours ago, gortex2 said:

Most likely because many people use the radio on simplex only. the XT511 was designed to use at a base camp or something of that nature. Its nothing more than a glorified FRS radio with a mic instead of picking up a radio. Has its purpose. 

Based upon the manual, it was also created before the 2017 reorganization -- lots of "GMRS/FRS" entries...

Love Midland's "maximum power" blurb... Power levels aren't mentioned anywhere in the documentation, only on their Q/A page (5W, when maximum for GMRS is 50W)

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