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So I have a few devices, Lilygo T-Beam V1.1. I placed one up high and placed another one at home and drove around with another. The best I could do so far was about 3.7 miles from the car (device placed on roof) to the node up high. This is with the "Long_Fast" preset. They are also very glitchy and often require a reboot.  So far they are fun to experiment with and maybe as use in a PACE communication plan but reliability is an issue so far.

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Rigged up my first outdoor solar "repeater". Inside this ABS box is a SLA batter (lithium can't do cold weather charge), a small solar controller, a step down converter to get from 12 volts to 4, and a Lilygo T-Beam 1.1 without a screen. 


It uses 90mA at 12 volts when transmitting and 30mA at 12 volts when sitting.


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