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Anyone seen this. Midland.



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3 hours ago, OffRoaderX said:

Sorry, Spectrum upload speeds suck!

Thanks. Looks like it had just enough bits/sec to upload it.

As always, the video is humorous and to the point of the things that most people observe. Nice point on cross compare, possible missing points for some and differences.  Glad you had the facts on where it was built, certainly better than the guessing. Though specs to some degree matched quite well when one reads the manuals or available data.

Anyhow thanks for your efforts and simplicity it has been why I kept looking into GMRS, setting up a repeater and reading till I can't stand it.


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I would like to see a side by side comparison under the cover. I'm sure its very similar in fashion. As I said before you will see many more of these sold as Midland is in the market of selling and advertising. 95% of the folks who get on this site and want to build a repeater out of boxes would be better suited to purchase this unit or the RT97 to be honest. I'll be curious how the off road crowd looks at this device. I can definitely see farmers and rural folks using this especially when buying bundles from midland. I'll most likely replace my RT97 I had for my motorhome for this unit, just because its semi "american"

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While the RT97 and the MXR10 are very different, I don't see any real difference between the RT97S and the MXR10 besides the custom case and button placement.

Both have the DB-9 port, both have a metal custom case, and both are preset for GMRS frequencies out of the box (and FCC certified for GMRS).

We worked with Retevis to add the DB9 port to allow hooking up an external controller, for linking or IDing purposes. I see that's in this model, and I wonder if they kept those features intact.

I'd be willing to bet it's the same guts as the RT97S, which are different from the original RT97. If you care to open it up, it's just 4 Allen screws that are retained by a spring to prevent them from falling out.

Retevis and Midland use the same manufacturer, but Retevis does not make these themselves. They are produced by another factory.

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