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Vertex VXR 7000U



Greetings all.

I recently obtained a used Vertex VXR 7000U Repeater/Base Station along with the programming software.

I found the software relatively easy and much like CHIRP software with the exception of one issue.

When I programmed it for GMRS repeater frequencies and set it for wide band, when uploading it to the radio I receive an error message telling me that by law it can only be used in narrow band. It then switches it back to narrow band during the transfer. Can anyone tell me if this is a software issue or my radio itself? 

This unit is in very good condition and everything seems to work with the exception of this problem.

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I was told by a member in anther thread here who needs help, that the Vertex CE-59 software he provided me also needs the date rolled back.

But since W/N band is not the issue in that thread, I left my date alone and sure enough, when you go save the new file, it gives a warning and kicks everything to N.

Screen Shot 2023-01-23 at 7.54.22 PM.png

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Ok. It took my little rat brain a few minutes to understand.

So yes, I turned the computer clock back to 2005 and initiated the software. It allowed me to switch it over to wideband.

Thank everyone for your help!  Hard to believe that something could actually be that simple. 

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