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Midland constant RX



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I am assuming it's receiving noise/static? If so, There are a few possibilities:

  1. The squelch is set too low. Try turning it up to 9
  2. There are actually signals (static/interference/bleedover/illegal digital) coming in. Try listening with another radio to see if it comes in on both or just one radio
  3. Something in your Jeep such as LEDs, PWM, ignition, or lord knows what else, is causing noise/static interference - Good luck if this is the case
  4. Something else that i'm not thinking of that the other good members here will list below
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8 hours ago, WRKL760 said:

Brand new Midland MXT575 with midland ghost antenna in a 2021 JL, from time to time the radio goes to constantly receiving on every channel…. Help

I can’t offer better advice than Randy @OffRoaderX already did, but you mentioned that this is happening “on every channel”.  Are you scanning through the channels and if so does it only happen while scanning, not when you have the radio set to a single channel?

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Does this happen when the vehicle is stopped, or is it only when you're moving? I ask because I have a Juentai JT-6188 (KT-8900 clone) in my van that is as quiet as a mouse when I'm sitting at a red light, but as soon as I move, the intermittent noise starts. My guess in my case is that it's speed or abs sensors and the filtering in the radio is not able to block it. Also, I have an aftermarket USB outlet with an LED volt meter that creates the same problem, which I had to set up with a switch to turn it on only when I need it. LEDs are an enemy of radios.

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