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midland Mxt400



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Touching on what @OffRoaderX was trying to help with (and hes on the right track) if you open the user squelch with no tone squelch or DCS squelch, so you can hear static, is the static also very quiet or is it loud?


If it is quiet when the squelch is open (monitor mode, too) then the radio's output is likely damaged in some way. Either the audio finals are fried or the speaker jack is possibly causing a partial short.


If the static is loud, then you likely have a programming issue leading to compatibility problems between wide and narrow band.

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5 hours ago, WRVY769 said:

Its only when receiving on gmrs repeater channels.

Forgive me if you know some of this already. Since you mentioned it only happens on repeater channels my first question may seem odd but are you using repeater channels to contact a repeater? You wont be able to use preset repeater channels for simplex as TX an RX are not the same frequencies. My second thought is if you are contacting repeaters It is my understanding that Midlands tone chart differs from others. Is it possible you have the wrong tones on RX. Try turning tones off on the RX of your repeater channels then you should hear all despite if it is through a repeater or simplex. One last thought if you have two radios close to eachother one may be desensing the other canceling out your receive. You may need to seperate the radios with some distance. I hope some of this helps. 

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