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Talkpod A36plus GMRS issue



I bought the Talkpod GMRS and have had trouble with it  


Talkpod A36plus GMRS:

this radio was an absolute mess. It had privacy codes and a +3 offset preprogrammed on the repeater channels. I went into chirp and fixed all of them. The problem is this radio only seems to let me transmit on the 462 channels. Not even the 467 channels with a +5 offset. 

anyone know how to fix this?

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Both radios are working exactly as they are supposed to. 

Any GMRS repeater must have, by definition, a +5 offset.  If it does not have a +5 offset then it is not a GMRS repeater and the radios will not allow you to transmit on them.  And, the radios will not allow you to transmit on anything that is not a pre-set GMRS channel/frequency, which explains why you cant transmit on a 467 frequency with a +5 offset.

It sounds like you bought the wrong radios for your needs..Or, you are really, really confuckulated.

Edit: IIRC some of the A36 GMRS radios shipped with the wrong offset. .that is on them, but you should be able to easily change it to +5 from a 462. channel.. I was able to do that with mine, no problem. But you would be within your rights to send it back and ask for a refund as it does not work as it should, as defined by the FCCs and according to the radio's documentation.

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