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humming when Keyed up



I have a low humming sound when i key up. It seems to lower or increase with the internal fan speed. I have checked connections, mic volume, and for any power source near the coax but all is ok. Any ideas??

radio - KG-1000g newish

SWR 1.4

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Thank you for the reply's, shout out to off roader X :) btw.  So this is a new noise. I know the fan is very loud on this radio but even covering the mic it still happens so definitely not being picked up by the mic. I can hear it listening through Midwest hub and confirmed by others hearing the hum in the back ground. The sound is also consistent with the power outage high or low. Rechecked all connections and power cords around it. Also started shutting electronics off around the radio and unplugging to try to isolate the issue no change.  

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