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What repeater and antenna would you choose?



I have 5K allocated for the entire project.  The antenna will be on a mast that is 45' agl and the location is in a large valley.  Due to some of the congestion in the area in regard to repeater traffic, we will need TSQL ability.  Hardline run will be about 40'.   

I was thinking of using an old Motorola MTR2000, but have read that it doesn't transmit a PL (haven't confirmed that though).  

What would you choose? 

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You can get used Motorola repeaters programmed how ever you want to include PL tones. Our radio club just bought one setup for the 2m band. Another option is a repeater from Bridgecom. We are using a Bridgecom repeater for our GMRS repeater which has been working well for us. 

I'll recommend the Comet CA-712EFC antenna for a home repeater if you are only wanting to put up one antenna.

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If you're considering a Motorola Repeater Station for your project, get something a little more modern like a Quantar with a professional quality duplexer like an EMR Corp type quality and a Laird FG4603 basestation antenna.

You'll wish you did in the long run if you go cheap and use crap equipment.

There is a reason why public safety agencies do not use consumer and amateur radio grade equipment on their systems.

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