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GMRS repeaters near me


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7 hours ago, WSBP830 said:

Thanks.  Just got my MTX 275 yesterday. 

Sorry to hear that; was that based upon advice from this forum?

OK: let's go back to the famed myGMRS MAP for Fort Walton Beach, FL and turn on both stale and offline repeaters (because sometimes these designations are wrong and have not been updated) and look for those on 600 and 725 (I did that mentally without looking up channels 17 and 22, so I hope my morning coffee kicked in!)

So right on top of you is the FWB WRCI382 repeater on 600, which is Open and has a tone of 141.3.  I'll let those here who promote midland tell you how to program that into your radio, since I do not have midland software

And for 725, the SoWal WRCI382 Repeater (I'm seeing a pattern here...) on 725 is again Open and has a tone of 141.3.

So program away and have fun! 

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Feel free to use these anytime. 

8 hours ago, WSBP830 said:

Thanks.  I did get some of them programmed in.   FWB-C-view-and South walton and milton.  I have a TID radio TH-8 coming today.  It's fun doing this at Almost 78 yrs old.


Please feel free to use the Fort Walton Beach, Crestview and South Walton anytime. There are some good folks that are usually monitoring the Fort Walton Beach repeater that can help with any questions you may have. you can also see a few on a list I have compiled here.

If you would like a bigger list you can send me an email from the contact page on the website listed above.

Hope to hear you on the air soon.

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