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When I think Emergency communications.


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I used to work with a guy who had no less than 8 mobiles in his personal vehicle. He had pulled the passenger side seat so that he could install a homemade "console" that also held his Laptop and 3 radios, along with his converta-com amp. He also carried at least 3 portables with him most days. 


I remember asking him one time how many radios he could talk on at once. I also remember that AAA cancelled his membership because he requested too many jump starts.


Some people can take anything too far.

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If you look carefully at the picture it becomes pretty obvious the car is not drivable.

Reminds me of a "car" I saw at one of those bass competitions back in the day. It was an 80's yugo, with just a wooden bench for a "driver's seat".  Literally everything behind that was either speakers, box, amplifiers, or batteries, and the windshield was just plexiglass braced with angle iron.  I think it did move under its own power, but only barely.

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