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New GMRS Licensee - Confused about repeaters?

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#21 Danny



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Posted 14 September 2020 - 12:08 PM

Thanks. I'm watching those videos and I'll order a cable to program the radio.


What I was asking is, repeater channels. Once I find the channel with the correct receive freq; will it transmit at 5mHz higher automatically?



Sorry Dan, I don’t believe I understand your last question.

Here are a couple of videos on the KG-805G that might prove helpful. If you have not watched these already, do so and they may provide further insight.


Regarding Frequency, the KG-805G always and only displays the Rx frequency. Regardless of whether you are in repeater mode or not. When the radio is in repeater mode you will see a +- icon on the display. That is your way of knowing you are on a channel memory configured for repeater use.

One thing I can tell you about the KG-805G is that you cannot add frequencies into memory without software if that is what you are trying to do. You can only change between memory locations that have the frequencies already stored in them.

The KG-805G comes pre-programmed with 22 simplex frequencies in memories 1-22, and the 8 repeater frequency pairs programmed into memories 23-30. To use the radio with a repeater you need to do the following:
1) Learn the frequency of the repeater you want to connect to, then select that frequency on your radio (typically memory between 23-30).
2) Learn the CTCSS or DCS code required to connect to the repeater and enter it into the radio under the T-CTC or T-DCS menu option associate with that memory location.
3) Learn the CTCSS or DCS code required to open the squelch on your radio and enter that too into the R-CTC or R-DCS menu option for your memory location.
4) Make sure you are in good radio range of the working repeater, then press PTT and announce your call sign. If the Green light on the radio comes immediately after you release your PTT button that is a great indication you have connected to the repeater.

I hope this helps.


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#22 mbrun


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Posted 14 September 2020 - 01:41 PM

Yes, you should find that factory pre-programmed radios already have the correct Tx frequency offset for repeater channels. When you are doing the programming, it is your responsibility make sure Tx is correct.

Thanks. I'm watching those videos and I'll order a cable to program the radio.

What I was asking is, repeater channels. Once I find the channel with the correct receive freq; will it transmit at 5mHz higher automatically?

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Posted 18 September 2020 - 07:42 AM

There are, unfortunately, several listings in the repeater guide that for various reasons are not operating. But, is it possible the problem is with the way you have your radio(s) configured? In a previous post, you wrote


The Cobra is not repeater capable. However, both the Zastone and Icom radios should work just fine. The issue is those are not specifically GMRS radios. They are general purpose UHF radios that must be properly configured to operate with a GMRS repeater.  The Zastone can be configured with CHIRP. The Icom requires custom software. I believe the version you want is ICOM CSF3001 PROGRAMMING SOFTWARE. A Google search will turn up a few purchase options.  Then, for both radios you will need the correct programming cable.


Once you have everything together, you should be able to program the radios and access a repeater. Just remember, the Transmit frequency is always 5mHz higher than the receive frequency. For example: Transmit on 467.5500 mHz and receive on 462.5500 mHz. If the repeater requires a tone (digital or analog) to operate, you need to set that under your transmit settings. To get started, you do not need to enter a receive tone, you can set that later after you have everything else working.


If you need help with a specific repeater you can post to the Private Discussion forum and include the frequency and tone information.

For us Newbies I think this is part of our problem, at least for me, as an example:


I see a repeater (let's say channel 15) I want to talk on so I first get the necessary permission (if required) following the procedures read in the MYGMRS.


Using my MXT400, I scroll thru the Menu and set my REPEATER selection to "ON".  Now, scrolling thur the channels I can clearly distinguish between the lower frequencies (by channel numbers) and the added, higher ones that only display the "rP" symbol now on channels 15 -22. Next, I need to select channel  "rP-15" and add any CTCSS/DCS frequency to channel rP-15.


All well and good now, the transmit (TX) channel is all set on rP-15.


I have been wondering lately, do I need to also add that CTCSS/DCS tone to the receiving (RX) channel 15?  During my failed attempts to talk with a reapter, I have not added the tone to the lower channel frequency assuming the radio did it automatically.


Now the repeater channels appear on the screen with the "rP" (with "+") allowing me to manually select the repeater I want to use and I can now add the necessary tone.  I have now added the CTCSS tone to the receiving channel as well.  Will that help?


In following this thread I believe this may explain the lost mystery to many users.  I may have actually been talking to the repeater and getting thur, but not hearing the reapter transmission back to my radio.

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Posted 18 September 2020 - 08:55 AM

If a receiver requires a tone it is to wake the receiver. The receiver will ignore any signals that do not include the tone. You don't necessarily need to put a tone on your receiver as a receiver with no tone specified will unlock for any signal.

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