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Since I'm newbie, I watch all the post...  It looks like your Icom was replace with https://www.buytwowayradios.com/icom-ic-f4001-03-rc.html . Saying New version with Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger!.


IMHO.. I got a two starter radios, KG-805G which is a CCP radio.  Icom is Japanese.  I am an old Motorola guy but they're not the same as they were years ago with all the gotcha.


Did you see the posts on review of radios?   



Check it out... a lot of reviews so search the forum.


I use more then 16 channels.  I set my radio up to standard FRS and GMRS as well as the repeaters I can connect to plus a few GMRS channel low and high power with PL codes that we use as a family.  Also a few travel repeaters...  That added 6 more channel slots.   So I scan all channels and go to any of the ones I want to connect with... The family is scanning as well and I tell them what channel to go to....  Works great.


Happy investigating...  Whatever you pick will be the best for you, so let us know what you did pick... My job done, to show you why 16 channel is a limit to how we use GMRS radio for our family needs.


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"Since I'm newbie, I watch all the post... It looks like your Icom was replace with https://www.buytwowa...4001-03-rc.html . Saying New version with Lithium-Ion Battery and Charger!."


Yes, the latest version with the bp-265 battery,1900mAh. Would definitely go that route.


The Icom looks like a solid entry level commercial radio. 16 channels may work for me. That's quite a few repeaters and simplex frequencies.


Thanks for the reply! I will look at the reviews.

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+1 on the ICOM. If you are going ham, then get a ham radio. The purpose of GMRS is not the same as amateur ham operator.


CCR = Cheap China Radio. (are cheap, have low performing receivers, tend to have dubious FCC certification, potentially illegal to TX on any band, and they usually put out spurious, or dirty, RF signals out too)


I don't understand what MacJack is talking about Motorola radios not being what they used to years back, or the gotcha, maybe he can elaborate a bit more on that?... but the fact, tho, is that they still outperform CCRs by an ample margin.


So, I think the ICOM you stated will make a fine first radio. But, if you just need something dirt-cheap to get started in GMRS repeater operation, then know there are much cheaper alternatives to CCRs than the Wouxuns, with identical performance for GMRS repeater operation. My vote goes to the Baofeng BF-888s, at 9 dollars a pop. (or a pair nowadays? ) you can never go wrong with that, the ultimate disposable radio. I have more than a dozen or so of those... 



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The ICOM is a solid performer. We still use many in VHF band for SAR work. As long as you don't need more than 16 channels its a great little radio. Most get crazy and think you need 100 channels in your GMRS radio. If you have a few specific repeaters you use and some simplex they are great. Simple is always my method.


As or Motorola comment, agree no clue where that came from. I can assure you my APX8000 is about the best radio I have ever owned. There are many quality MSI products used and new.

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