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Wouxun KG 1000G Modulation problem



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Just wondering if I should be contacting "bytwowayradios.com"...???

It is worth the call to see what they have to say, particularly if radio is new.

I have done some experiments on my end and currently learning towards an internally maladjusted AGC circuit in the outbound audio path. Initial audio levels seems good when first transmitting but it includes gross audio clipping (distortion), then the audio drops down to almost nothing and then ramps back up to ‘normal’, but includes some degree of clipping. In my over-the-air experiments with some seasoned operators it has been reported that the problem seems to mostly go away when the mic is held 6-10 inches away from the mouth. This is not generally good in a mobile situation. However, if get acceptable results at this distance, I may modify the mic my mic to pad its audio down so that I can use the mic closer to the mouth to cut down on the background noise.

One local swears he has read some posts overseas about folks reporting this same problem, but while using the KG-UV980 (same electronics as the KG-1000G). Reportedly at least one of them managed to get their hands on some kind of service software package which had allowed them to disable that circuit and that it solved their problem. I have looked far and wide with no luck, so I suspect he may be thinking of a different radio model. In any regards, he promised to try and find the original thread and send me a link. We will see. I will keep you in mind if such software is actually found.

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