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New upgraded web site question


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I'm also trying to do the same and can't find a way to do it.

1 hour ago, TheSquid said:

Me gusta más la configuración anterior, era más fácil de usar. Supongo que me acostumbraré a este nuevo.

No puedo encontrar una manera de editar la información de mi repetidor y cuando cambié y guardé la información de mi perfil, vuelve a ser la que tenía originalmente.
Feliz año nuevo 


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I had the same issue at first but figured it out.


Log into the main site (not the Forums!!)

Upper right corner will show control panel.

Select my repeaters. (default is Favorites in the dark blue portion and somewhat hard to read, find My Listings) Click that and the repeaters you have list will show.

Far right side you can select "Manage" and make changes to repeaters you listed.





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3 hours ago, TheSquid said:

Like I said. Not user friendly at all. Still could not find it and now no repeaters are showing up on the Map as of now. Lots of bugs with this site.

There's another thread in the section for site feedback on this; looks like Rich got whatever the issue was resolved and they should be showing again


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13 hours ago, jnr0104 said:

   just my opinion of course, but I have found that most things that become New and Improved , kinda suck.

I've always wondered, if something is "improved," how can it also be "new" at the same time? Wouldn't the item, by definition, be old (older/oldish) if it has been improved?

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