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These threads always show me why keeping my portable repeater private is so important. There is always an assumption that other peoples hardware is fair game, just because it is operating in "public" spectrum. Either there are many people that have never been "burned".....or society has become so used to certain things being public domain. While this site is a great resource for those getting into the use of GMRS radios, it will always be impacted/limited by certain expectations.

With known spectrum, as well as tones, anyone with a little bit of knowledge can impact any repeater that they find. Take linked repeaters into consideration, you may have a user several states away. Then you have someone abusing the repeater, swearing, talking about business, or kerchunking all the time. How do you track down the problem? Or do you just shut off the repeater in the hopes the person ceases their action? There are many reasons to require phone numbers, call signs, shutting off Talk Permit tones, even signed agreements to access equipment. A call sign was needed to access this site. This website is owned and operated by someone else. You may find many more repeaters in your area in use if you scan for them, many that may not be listed on this site, as they wish to remain private, or for specific users. 

In my case, I have yet to find one that wanted a phone number, but many that wanted an email sent to them, with a Call Sign,. which can allow a repeater administrator to find that phone number, address, and other information if needed. Put one up yourself, and you will find out why some may want or need that number. Good luck on GMRS.

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It seems the new version of the site offers the option not to allow access requests...not sure if that was there in the old version, since I don't have any listed....if not, that's a definite plus in the new version, and the people that have private repeaters listed strictly for coordination may want to update their listings accordingly.

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wow...I didn't realize this was such a touchy subject.


I know that these repeaters are privately owned and not "public domain" which is why I push the request access button and ask for permission. My question was a simple one and it was answered by Sshannon. An answer I don't agree with because I'm also giving my email and call sign but one I must accept because it's the way the system is set up. I wasn't asking for your sermon. 




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@WRPG591 What's your problem?  You are new to this public forum, but I am guessing you're not new to the internet.  @Sshannon provided an answer, @PACNWComms expanded on the why, and then a couple of us confirmed those points made by the first two.

If you don't like it when people try to help or contribute content, this group might not be a good fit for you.

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