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Wouxun KG-UV9GX


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Ok, I’m being impatient. I’ve seen one YouTube vid mentioning this new version of the UV9G, but I can’t find any specs on it either on the BetterSafeRadio page or the Wouxun home page. Anyone have any info? 

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I have one right here on my desk.. It's a nice upgrade the the UV9G.. The release has been delayed due to supply chain/shipping issues, but it should be available soon (my GUESS is 30-60 days, but this is only a guess)..

Some new stuff on the UV9Gx:

  • theme able color schemes
  • much brighter LED flashlight
  • stiffer knobs
  • can receive down to 219Mhz
  • more power control settings for better battery life
  • a priority channel button, pre-set to the official highway channel, CH19
  • more pre-programmed frequenicies
  • and most important a ROGER BEEP

.................affiliate link below..

Oops.. sorry.. bad habit.

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Some of the early UV9GPro and the UV9GLite had Roger beeps, but IIRC, the bulk of the UV9GPro units do not have a Roger Beep.. Due to the outcry of customers from around the world, they added it back for the UV9GX.

Mid power is now 2watts, high power is still 5watts.. I dont remember what low power is, but its the same as the the UV9GPro.

I'm only telling you this because YOU are my favorite user here at MyGMRS ...

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