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How do I get a repeater that is showing stale.


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How do I get a repeater that is showing stale in the maps to show as current? 

For example, locally Alexandria GMRS repeater is showing stale and was last updated 12 years ago. A comment was left 5 months ago and I added a comment to try to get it to show in the current listings. However, it only shows up when I select "show stale repeaters". It is very much up, in use and has excellent coverage.

Just wanted to be able to keep it refreshed so the information was available for new people.

If I remember the correctly, the old maps had a last heard check box. Anything like that or how do get the list to reflect currently available repeaters outside of having the repeater owner refresh the information?

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4 minutes ago, gortex2 said:

Rich correct me if I'm wrong but as long as the user logs in and updated the repeater yearly this wont happen correct ? 


That will always be an issue with crowd sourced information. As ham and GMRS repeaters aren't licensed and funded there is no guarantee they will be live from one day to the next. 

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On 6/10/2022 at 8:46 AM, rdunajewski said:

I updated the last modified time for the repeater so that it shows as fresh again. Eventually there will be a better method for reporting dead or working repeaters so we don't rely on when the repeater was last updated to determine if it's stale or not.

That will help travelers that are going to a new area and could use open or permission needed for the PL codes

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