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BTECH GMRS PRO antenna no longer removable?

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GMRS noob here. Getting into the hobby and already own a few Tidradio units and a BTECH GMRS PRO. I saw the various YouTube videos and written reviews about this unit before I bought it and remain happy with my purchase. I know several sources say that the antenna is attached with a bit of glue and is removable using only some heat, torque and elbow grease but I haven’t found this to be the case. Does anyone else have any experience with recent units being more tightly secured? Mine have come with considerable amounts of adhesive and don’t seem to want to come off. I gave up trying after I realized that I was just spinning the internal part of the antenna mount and realized that the antenna itself was not actually traveling along the threads at all. Does anyone have a recent unit that has had the same experience?If I am totally missing something here on how to take the duck bill off, I apologize in advance. 


Best all!


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I had a very early unit and the antenna came right off. Since then I have seen reports ranging from people just needing to give it a rough-twist to get it off to not even being able to get it off with a crowbar and a hammer.

For BTech to get certification for the radio the antenna must be non-removable (because it transmits data).. Once word got out that they were easily removable it looks like BTech upp'd their glue-game.

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Thanks for the feedback. I saw your video on this topic and yeah, my experience is that it’s glued on tighter than all hell. I’d rather not break it and will just leave it be. 

Do you think the water and dust proofing gets affected by breaking that glue seal? I don’t see how it can’t be affected. 


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8 minutes ago, WRXW653 said:

Do you think the water and dust proofing gets affected by breaking that glue seal? 

On mine it doesn't look like it, but just to be safe i wouldn't play with it in the bathtub.

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