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Midland MXT500 firmware updates



I decided to start this thread so as to not derail other threads.

The MXT500 I recently bought only had 30 channel slots and not the 127 slots as others have mentioned. And we all know Midland's software is not the best. When you go to their website, there is two different software versions to download. There is version V1.04 and version V2.01. Version 1.04 only works with the MXT500 with 30 channel slots while version 2.01 only works with the MXT500 with 127 channel slots.

When you download the firmware update tool there are two folders with the firmware update .spi files.  One is V1_149_2021_5_11 and the other is V1_172_2023_03_23. If you are fine with only 30 channel slots then use the V1_149 .spi file to update your radio and then continue using the V1.04 programming software.

If you want to have 127 channel slots then you must use the V1_172 .spi file. WARNING: if you use this file then V1.04 programming software will no longer work for your radio. You MUST use the V2.01 software to now access your radio and program it. 

Again if you update the firmware using the V1_149 .spi file then you must use V1.04 programming software. If you update using the V1_172 .spi file then you must use V2.01 programming software.

Updating the firmware using the V1_172 file does give you all 127 channel slots and the V2.01 software must be used.

Midland makes things difficult since the Readme file doesn't say anything about this. Hopefully this will help others that have the MXT500.

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