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I find it funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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39 minutes ago, Radioguy7268 said:

Focusing on transmit power alone is missing half the equation.

I did a recent test on a couple of HTs that enlightened me on that one. A good quality receiver does make a significant difference. Now, when I listen to NOAA, I only do it on the Kenwood.

16 minutes ago, quarterwave said:

Point is, don't get hung up on wattage, use what works for the situation you need it in.

Agreed. I have a lot of trees to punch through so wattage does come into play for me. Still want to get a higher antenna though and get some real results.

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"Take a look at the Motorola XPR "e" series and the Vertex EVX radios if you want to see what a SDR chip coupled with good electronics and a little filtering can look like. Heck, even the older CDM mobiles had great analog receivers with some nice audio."


Why I use CDM 1550LS+ (surplus from previous employer) and a XPR7550e for GMRS use now. Great radios that do what I need them to do. And will most likely last for years doing so.Β 

Better equipment, and paying attention to detail on coax and antenna means better signal quality, less power loss and more reliable use.Β 

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