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2m vs 70cm



While I Know this is a GMRS forum just wanted to get some feedback on 2m vs 70 bands. Im Doing a mass export of all the repeaters within a 100 miles off repeater book and was wondering what the mass consensus on exporting via 2m or 70cm? Seems like 2m is better for simplex than 70 where 70cm signals tend to penetrate buildings better than 2m. I guess both have its pros and cons just wanted to see what most are using these days. 

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GMRS repeaters will have close to the same coverage area as 70cm repeaters. VHF and UHF frequencies will have their advantages and disadvantages. 

I am lucky that the local club has all of their repeater antennas on a very tall FM radio tower. The 2m and 70cm antennas are at 900 feet while the GMRS antennas are at 400 feet. We didn't notice much of a difference on coverage are between the 70cm and GMRS repeaters while we were testing the GMRS repeater. We are getting around 30 -35 mile radius of coverage with the 70cm and GMRS repeaters. Our 2m repeater has a large coverage area, it covers an 80 mile radius.

I say get and use 2m and 70cm along with GMRS. It never hurts to have more tools in the tool box.

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Your comments about signal penetration is generally true.

The 2M band is popular for general communications. It’s other advantage is Hams are the primary users and enjoys worldwide allocation, typically 144 to 146 and 144 to 148, depending on country and zone.

The Ham 70cm band, at least in the US, is allocated frequencies from 420 to 450. There are some reductions in spectrum when close to the Canadian border. Due to the large spectrum allowed you find various experimental modes being used. Also most of the digital voice activity is on this band.

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