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GMRS is the only Paid option for general repeater use.


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The FRS network and blister packs are causing the problems for GMRS use.

If people want free and cheap, then get your Amateur Radio testing and license.


For people that dont want to study, they have 40 Citizen Band channels and MURS.


If radios are illegal because they can transmit on FRS and GMRS.

That makes all Amateur Radios illegal because they all transmit over the .5 watt dedicated FRS channels.


The solution is to end the FRS network, all 22 channels and dedicated GMRS repeater channels should be for paid $70 fCC licence holders.

We are paying for the use to the FCC for more power and distance.

Even Amateur radio is free but you need to study and learn so you understand.

AMATEUR RADIO operators are vital to our national security.

GMRS is a way to get in and start using, later family members may want to get an Amateur Radio license and enter the hobby.


People think shared FRS/GMRS means that they can buy equipment that cost less and program to shared channels but they dont qualify because they transmit on The dedicated FRS channels above the allowed .5 watt power


A HAM operator can monitor and listen to GMRS and FRS

They dont have the clearance to transmit on those networks.


Think about the wording of the FCC rules.


Removable antenna? MOST Amateur radios have removable antennas.


For families that want the blister packs, make them pay a $5 annual FCC GMRS license.

That makes it cheap for quick use.

.5 watts and fixed antennas.


Or pay the $70 ten year licence if you want to transmit at higher power and use repeaters.



A programmable radio makes people more prepared in emergencies.

An Amateur radio operator can transmit on GMRS in an emergency.

Anyone can. Dont limit equipment, hold the users accountable.

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FRS is a Family Radio Service. As in: you buy the (part 95) radios, you blabber on them, no restrictions. Families use them on camping, fishing, hiking trips, on playgrounds, on county fairs, in shopping malls. Business can use FRS if it suites the needs, like if you are a construction guy on the top of the 5-story building tired of yelling silly at your crew below. Or you are an employee at the valet parking lot.


Proper certified FRS radios have fixed antennas. Anyone can monitor and listen on FRS frequencies. Anyone can perfectly transmit on FRS frequencies using FRS radio, including HAM operators.


Illegal radios exist and will always exist, just like illegal guns and illegal drugs. And illegal speeding. And illegal fishing.


To require to end FRS or pay for FRS license because your operations are inconvenienced, is very wrong, even if you paid $70 for 10 years.


Amateur operators (HAMs) are not vital for the national security. It's a hobby, just like knitting or cat grooming. Nuclear subs, healthy economy, transportation network, energy independence, free press, sane leadership are vital for national security. You know what else is vital - a clear head on top of every citizen's shoulders.


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