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Btech GMRS 50v2


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The Wouxun may have a more sensitive receiver, but I cannot confirm that. I have the first generation of the BTECH, but if I were buying new today, I would go with the Wouxun. I bought the BTECH at a good price from someone here on the forum. It is well worth the price I paid, but the Wouxun wasn't on my radar at the time. 

Keep in mind the Wouxun has a detachable faceplate, giving it more installation options. 



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1 hour ago, PRadio said:

The Wouxun may have a more sensitive receiver, but I cannot confirm that.

It does, but in most cases most normal people would not notice.. It is MUCH better at filtering out noise/static/bleed-over though, which you WILL notice.

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On 7/21/2023 at 4:48 PM, WRVB889 said:

So I just tested the Betec 50v2 power and SWR with a Surecom SW-102 meter and 2' RG 8x patch cable and connected to LMR 400 to my j-pole antenna. Here are my results across several channels: 

Low Power 6.4 watts

Medium Power 24.6 watts

High Power 55.7 Watts

My first test was with a 12' rg8x patch cable and the numbers were considerably lower (eg 38.4 watts high power) then I used a 2' patch cable and got the higher above numbers.

RG8X is pretty lossy at GMRS frequencies.  I'm using RG213 for GMRS patch cables.  

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I purchase a BTECH 50v2 last July and it has been nothing but problems. I am, admittedly, not a radio guy. I just wanted a good, powerful radio for my Jeep. The first one I received didn’t have an internal speaker that worked. I returned it through Amazon and got a new one. I really didn’t have an opportunity to use it the rest of the summer and then had some health issues that kept me from using my jeep until the end of December. When I tried to use the radio, it would not power on. BTECH RMAed it and I was sent another unit. This unit powered up, but, using the mic they provided, it would not transmit. When the PTT button was pressed, you could only hear static on the other end. But when you used the RJ45 to K1 adapter provided with the radio and I plugged in a microphone I have for my handheld, it transmitted beautifully. I contacted BTECH and they RMAed the microphone. The microphone they sent back had the same issue. When I contacted them, they said “I misdiagnosed the problem” and sent me another RMA. I sent back both the radio and the microphone and I received replacements back last week. Same problem. They claim both bench tested as okay and it must be “environmental” on my end. I asked if someone could just call me so we could try to figure out what is causing this. They refused. Instead they sent me radio new in the box saying that they were done helping me and this new radio wouldn’t be warranted. They did not even ask for the old one back. I just hooked it up and it has the same issue. The factory microphone will just transmit static when you push the PTT button but using the adapter and my microphone from my handheld it works fine. There is one more thing I feel is weird. When I plug the RJ45 to K1 adapter into the unit with my handheld mic, I can plug the microphone that came with it into the RJ45 outlet on the adapter and it works great as long as the other microphone is plugged into K1 outlet but stops working through the adapter when the handheld mic is disconnected. (See the photo) I don’t understand enough about how this works to even guess why that would happen. 

Any ideas?  


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4 hours ago, WRVM238 said:

Any ideas?

Bad engineering.

This radio used to be on my list for a possible future purchase. Not any more after all the complaints I keep seeing. Thanks for the info. Sorry you have had to go through so much with it.

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