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New CB. First Impressions

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Well, after 3 years without a CB radio, I bought a new unit. It's a Cobra 75 All Road.


I haven't been following CB, but i do know the FCC rule changes about a year ago now allow FM use. I have been curious about it, especially knowing how well FM works on 29 MHz. I had a customer tell me they were interested in this radio, asked if I had an opinion about it and asked if I would install it for them. So, I bought one to check it out.


I have to say, it's a little weird running a "stock" CB... but so far, I like it. It's just AM/FM with weather channels, but the transceiver is remote and the controls are in the mic (a familiar setup). BUT, the mic and all the controls are done wirelessly. The mic plugs into any USB port you have, or comes with a power outlet adapter. The mic works over Bluetooth so well, that I had the transceiver in my Jeep, but tested the mic range in my son's Jeep. It works about 30 feet away, which was awesome. 


I haven't chatted with anyone yet, but I was listening to AM Skip from all over the country. The receiver sensitivity seems real good so far.  I am going to ask a friend of mine with an FM CB to help me do some range testing. I'll follow up soon and share the results. 





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I got to do a range test today and I am very impressed. In an area I typically get about 5 miles of simplex range with a 50w VHF or UHF radio (Ham and GMRS) I was able to have a conversation at 14 miles apart, while moving. 


One of my friends who also has a good AM/FM CB and a good antenna setup were able to run a test while driving in Norther Virginia. I have to say, 14 miles for both AM and FM is fantastic around hear.


The furthest I have ever talked on a CB on the local level was 26 miles, using a 104" (1/4 wave) steel whip antenna and 12.5w peak. 


This 14 mile contact was using 3.5w and a 86" Diamond HF10CL antenna, which isn't as good of a performer as a 1/4 wave would be... but it's pretty darn good. Much better than if I tried a 3 foot or 4 foot Firestik, I'm sure.


This radio seems like a win for a compact FM CB. 

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