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Two Radios, Two Antennas?


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Shouldn't be a problem. (Big shouldnt).

Remeber, 70cm is third harmonic ( I think) of 2m.

So best practices would be shut one down when in use.

My xtl 5k will overload my ftm400 when transmitting on occasion. But that is when the frm400 is listening to 70cm, the xtl5k is used for gmrs. It's to be expected at 4.5 feet between the antennas, especially since 70cm and gmrs are so close in frequency. I haven't seen issue on the 2m side when transmitting on gmrs.

I say if, since Marc had problems with his 2m xtl 5k, that one he thinks it might have been the gmrs xtl5k, that damaged it. Hopefully, he can chime in with his real world findings.

But if you are really worried. Run some cheap filters.

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