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Repeater output power


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The maximum power for GMRS is 50 watts. The repeater is 50 watts out of the duplexer or out of the radio before the duplexer? I need code and verse please.

Since a duplexer is neither required, nor even mentioned in the regulations, it is 50 watts out of the xmtr antenna connector.


§ 95.1767 GMRS transmitting power limits.

This section contains transmitting power limits for GMRS stations. The maximum transmitting power depends on which channels are being used and the type of station.

(a)462/467 MHz main channels. The limits in this paragraph apply to stations transmitting on any of the 462 MHz main channels or any of the 467 MHz main channels. Each GMRS transmitter type must be capable of operating within the allowable power range. GMRS licensees are responsible for ensuring that their GMRS stations operate in compliance with these limits.

(1) The transmitter output power of mobile, repeater and base stations must not exceed 50 Watts.

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What part of “The transmitter output power of [a]... ...repeater... ...must not exceed 50 Watts” is not clear? There is no mention of a duplexer because one is not specifically required to have a useable repeater. You could just use two antennas with sufficient separation. BTW, the power loss in a good quality UHF duplexer would be under 0.5db.

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So it's a matter of how you read it?



What part of “The transmitter output power of [a]... ...repeater... ...must not exceed 50 Watts” is not clear?



That's what I was thinking too.  "Transmitter" is a very specific piece of hardware. Not really an 'open to interpretation' kind of statement.

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