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Did this Backwards


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I kind of did this Backwards as I've been a Ham for a couple years and have my Extra license and just got my gmrs license Monday.  Have HF, 70cm and 2 Meter radios everywhere and had a pair of Audiovox FRS/GMRS walkie talkies in the drawer that hadn't been used in years so decide to get new batteries for them . That lead up to I better get the gmrs license and some better handhelds, then a mobile radio to use as a base which means another antenna going up. It's like the word BOAT break out another thousand.

So new to gmrs but did it to get the family on the radio and ope to get to know a few of you.

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Welcome to the forum Dan21. I, too, got my GMRS license after being a ham for several years. I got the GMRS license so my whole family could use radios to talk to each other, without all of them needing a ham radio license.

I also had some old FRS/GMRS radios kicking around, and bought new batteries for some of them, but haven't even used them since doing so.

Since then, I've bought a few mobile units, several hand-held units, and even a couple of repeaters that I may deploy in my area for community communications. Many GMRS radios are inexpensive, so you can get into it pretty cheap, or you can go the other way, and as you say -- "BOAT" !

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Welcome to GMRS Dan. Glad to have you here.

GMRS after ham is not backwards all. Two different services for different needs.

I wanted to be a ham nearly 30 years before I learned of GMRS, but obtained a GMRS license long before I obtained an amateur one.

You’re in the good place for local family (and friends) short range comms.



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See haven't had license long and already spending money on radios pair of UV-5X's and a Radioddity DB-20G still need another antenna. Thinking of adding a repeater got 2 within within 20 miles east and west one is open other you have to make request to use. 200 hams in this county but not much GMRS, but in an emergency you use what is available.


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8 hours ago, Dan21 said:

See haven't had license long and already spending money on radios pair of UV-5X's and a Radioddity DB-20G...


Did you know that you can also transmit on 2 meters and 70 cm on your Radioddity DB-20G, using the software supplied by Radioddity (or power down, hold down V/M button, power up and change Frequency Menu from US GMRS to 136-174 MHz; 400-470 MHz ; power down and power back up again)!

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1 hour ago, back4more70 said:

That is the exact setup I am considering, how well does it work for you?

If you haven't purchased it yet, I would suggest you go with the Raddioddity DB-20G or the Anytone AT-779UV, so that you can take advantage of the published code plugs available for them.

As I mentioned in another thread, the Retevis programming software is semi-proprietary and the unit will not work with code plugs from the other two radios.

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While I haven't tried it, you might be able to copy the data cells from a DB20-G or AT-779UV code plug and paste them into the Ra-25 programming software.*

In any event, writing a code plug from scratch is not that hard, and be sure to keep blank lines between categories (such as GMRS Repeaters, 2 meter simplex, 2 meter repeaters, 70 cm simplex, 70 cm repeaters, etc.) so that you can easily plug in new channels for future growth; instead of having to go back and manually rebuild it from scratch, like I did! :)

* A feature that certainly would be implemented by CHIRP, if they ever choose to support these radios.

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