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Wouxun KG-UV7D 2M/6M


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Does anyone have any experience with the 6 meter version? I know some people are happy with their Woxun, but I'd like to hear from someone that has one and hear about its operation on 6 meters.


I really want a Yaesu VX-7R or VX-8R, but they are hard to come by, leading me to do some searching.

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I'm not sure why, but I have a soft spot for 6 meters. Then again, we do pretty decent activity here, including multiple repeaters. I bought my 817 for more 6 meter usage, then I converted it to a backpack kit (2m,6m,70cm hiking), and so I don't pull it out for normal usage anymore.

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Old thread, but I have a Wouxon KG-UV7D(50).  I have a couple Diamond antennas that are triband and include 6m (SRH940 and SRH999).  A little pricey antennas, but work well.  The OEM stock antenna that came with it couldn’t get into a couple of local 6m FM repeaters, but the Diamonds had no problem.  I even had a QSO on 52.525 simplex with the SRH999.  It wasn’t out of the blue, but after talking on the 6m repeater, decided to try simplex.

As for the radio, I wanted the Yaesu also, but settled on the Wouxon.  It’s ok.  The firmware is definitely a derivative of Baofeng, but gets the job done.  If you have local active 6m FM repeaters, I’d say go for it.  I run a digipeater on both 2m (144.390) and 6m (50.620) also using a Yaesu 8900R and sometimes use the Wouxon KG-UV7D to send packets to it on 6m (using a MobilinkD TNC3 or EasyDigi). The KG-UV7D (and SRH999) are incredible on 2m, along with being ok on 6m.  The KG-UV7D slowly depletes its battery even when “off”, so I just keep the battery removed when not in use.  I also have a AAA case for it and battery eliminator.


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23 hours ago, WRAX891-Jerry said:

.  The KG-UV7D slowly depletes its battery even when “off”, so I just keep the battery removed when not in use.


Both of my wouxun handhelds do this as well, both the kg805g and the 2m/1.25m version of the uv7d (was eyeing the 6m version too, but scored a vx7r from ebay)

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1 minute ago, pcradio said:

I'm looking at getting into 6M. What's the smallest most powerful configuration with a rollup style antenna that could be used for a backpacking setup?

When the band is open most of the activity is on SSB and you may not need a lot of power either. There aren't too many choices in that area. A favorite for portable/backpack operations is the IC-705 which seems a popular choice, put it's not cheap!



HRO will do the MARS/CAP mod for you at extra cost but will also honor the warranty on the radio so it might be worth it.

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2 hours ago, wayoverthere said:

I've had this sitting in my open tabs for a bit to try out


You could build two of those and mount them at 90 degrees to form a turnstile antenna at 6M. That would give you horizontal polarization and a 360 degree compass coverage.   

Some Notes On Turnstile Antenna Properties - QEX 2002-03.pdf

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