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Ham radio mounted in 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sport 4 door


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I'm happy with this install.  The remote head mount fits in the bottom front console box with no fasteners.  Radio is mounted under the passenger's seat.  No wires are showing anywhere except what you see here and the coax from the bumper to the antenna. Antenna coax and direct power from battery thru floor drain grommet. Antenna on spare tire mount. Remote speaker wire plugs into Uconnect radio aux input ⅛" socket and functions thru the Uconnect to the Jeep's factory speakers that can BOOM the audio.  Ran the coax along the frame and behind the passenger's rear tire skirt to get to the bumper.  The radio is programmed to recieve tons of stuff outside the ham bands for monitoring: CB, GMRS/FRS, marine, air, business vhf,  and TV alternate sound. 


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Thanks.  It's the TYT clone.  I've been too busy to program all that stuff into my Yeasu.  I had the TYT set up in my shack which I am moving to a different room.  The Yeasu will take the TYT's place in my shack when all is moved.  With the right settings on the Uconnect, it toggles between the aux source and normal radio just by plugging or unplugging the aux jack. You can leave it plugged in and switch by pushing several buttons, but no buttons is easier (and makes XYL happy).  I don't have any trouble hearing the radio's speaker under the passenger's seat, but I am going to double up and add an aux speaker under the driver's seat and jump the ⅛" internal speaker disconnect so the radio's speaker stays on. That way I'll be able to hear the radio better with it unplugged from the Jeep radio so I can listen to the Sirius music and monitor the ham radio at the same time. 


My love of puns makes me think that one of the oldest puns in western culture is Sirius and Procion.  Many people know Sirius is Orion's hunting dog, the famous Dog Star of August, giving us the "dog days of summer".  The star Procion appears a few weeks before Sirius and in mythology is the offspring of Sirius. Literally, in Greek, Procion means "preceeds dog". What preceeds every dog?  A puppy! and Procion, "the puppy" preceeds us seeing Sirius, "the dog".  Hi Hi !

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No problems whatsoever, but knowing the TYT 9800's reputation, I waited until they were on sale and bought an extended warranty.  


If you noticed the mic has more buttons than the normal TYT DTMF mic you are correct.  I did a lot of research before I bought the 9800 and the mic upgrade was one of the things I read about multiple places, so I went ahead and did it.  The mic was very inexpensive and required a minor rewire, I think it was around $20.  In freezing weather the chip in the mic won't engage the transmitter until it has warmed up.  If I am anxious to talk right away I have to hold it on the heat outlet for a couple of minutes the first time I transmit.  After that it stays warmed up.  

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