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  1. I doubt LF&G is using first net for radio traffic. Maybe cell phones but not for radios. Louisiana has a statewide radio system that the game wardens are on. I can't imagine every site in the state was down if they needed it. Maybe during a hurricane some sites are down but in that area sure they have hardened public safety stuff.
  2. There is absolutely no reason they can not charge a monthly fee to help maintain equipment or cover tower lease fees. I know Attica repeater coverage is exceptional. In the past I had a group of folks that used my repeater and not official but we all pitched in for the electric and tower space. Its not free everywhere. Our SAR team pays $35.00 a month for electric at a site we use for 2 UHF repeaters and APRS. Money has to come from some place. My repeaters ae closed for this reason. I pay to maintain and put them up. You want free get your ham radio ticket and go use them.
  3. Drilled 8 holes in roof. Ran cables down C pillar to radios on back wall.
  4. The entire point of this thread was to explain the differences of a real repeater that wil ldo what you want vs 2 CCRs with a plug and play box. There are many who have lofty expectations of GMRS and think you can talk 30 miles with a $100 of parts. Thats not going to happen. As an established GMRS user Id rather have folks play on ham radio if they want to experiment....
  5. As said the CDM makes a great base radio. I only have the GMRS Main repeaters channels in mine with DIR vs tying up repeater and simplex. Works for me as I only talk on repeaters 99% of the time. I do have a second zone with all repeaters in Narrow band as I do have some setup as 12.5 on the air. They work much better for midlands.
  6. You need to be logged into the GMRS site and not just the forum to see the PL.
  7. I'm baffled by the amount of folks who think they want to re-write the rules and channels to benefit them. Until a few years ago we had 8 repeater splits and thats it. For folks above line A they lost 2 off the bat. If your talking simplex use a channel not in a repeater. Its simple.
  8. If you spent the money for 7/8" it wouldn't make sense to use LMR or something like that for the jumper. Just go with 1/2" hardline jumper and be done.
  9. I would go Heliax. Order a 25' remade cable. Also remember to put a Polyphaser where the 7/8" entered the building to a ground.
  10. Repeaters are not required to ID. Many do as it satisfices the requirement of ID for the user. Many don't as they don't want folks to know a repeater is there. For my repeater that does ID I use tactile call signs vs dealing with my GMRS call. The repeater is sending it every 15 minutes. The repeaters that don't ID I need to ID. Any repeater cal sit on the air for years and as long as its not being used there is no requirement to send an ID. In commercial and public safety that is different.
  11. Yes APX7000 is a dual band radio. Could be ordered with any of 2 bands ie: V/U, V/8, U/8, UR1/UR2 etc APX8000 is an All Band as its V/U/7/8
  12. Your not going to find a CCR/HAM/GMRS radio that does what your looking for. ITs all about certifications. If you want a true dual band V/U radio that is useable in these bands you need a LMR radio. AX7000 is dropping in price but the VHF/UHF1 is a expensive devise being all the hams want them. Personally I think you need a radio for the service you want to use. I dont carry my APX8000 when im in the Jeep on the side of a mountain. No need to. I use my Midland Mobile and Motorola FRS radios. When Im in the woods for SAR I carry my APX.
  13. Radio is not certified for Part 95 and should not be used on GMRS.
  14. Do you know if the repeater is actually a functioning repeater ? If your display says 16r then it should be set correct. you need your tone set to the repeater tones.
  15. Thats basically how alot of the cellular stuff is run to be honest as well as the low power microwave stuff now. LMR has not made it to that point although I'm sure its coming. Issue with radio on the tower lets say in a box is repairs. It costs alot of money to put a climber on a tower. Most tower guys know nothing about radio but are more of a "plumber". Basically they would have to bring the box down to fix. Also no way to do a PM check on stuff on the tower. In the end a shelter is a better location for a repeater with the antenna line up the tower.
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