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Mini rubber duck antenna

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I picked one of these up to put on my UV-82HP. I needed something short at the gun range so that it would be more mobile. I'm helping out a little as ar a range master, and we use FRS radios to communicate between the lodge and the lines. I was using one of the tactical antennas that folds over, and while it's a super good antenna, it's just too big to be carrying around hanging off of pocket.


I wanted something small yet usable. Watching notaRubicon YouTube channel he was/is pimping the better safe radio stuff. Heck he even got me to spend $200 on a GMRS radio. Knowing how tight I am, that's quite an accomplishment. Fast forward to now, I wanted the short antenna, and I wanted to make sure that it functioned. The antenna was purchased with an adapter for a BNC connection. When I got the antenna and the additional part I was flummoxed because I couldn't figure out how in the heck to get it connected to the radio. After all I was used to SMA female to male connections of the baofeng. I'm thinking, what the heck!? And I typed off a quick email to better safe radio about the situation. So I'm standing in the kitchen, literally looking at the antenna, then looking at the connector. And then I thought what the heck why not tentatively try and twist/unscrew the current connector, which is an SMA male (which will not work with baofeng). It wasn't going to work with the Uv-82hp SMA female. So I'm holding the BNC connector and I'm looking at the antenna, and I gently go to unscrew it. Guess what it does? It unscrews, and low and behold the connector is going to attach and allow me to use the BNC connection system that I currently have set up on the radio!


I felt like such an idiot. I hope this helps somebody else, not feel like an idiot. So anyway, I now have the short short rubber duck antenna attached to the radio. And just for giggles I tuned to a 2 m repeater 14.7 mi away. I'm standing in the kitchen, key up give my ham call sign, release the PTT and lo and behold the repeater answers me. This little two or three inch antenna is actually pinging the repeater 14.7 mi away! That's with the 8 watts. That's crazy as far as I'm concerned.

I'm probably going to buy at least one more for my Yaesu FT65R.



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I accidentally bought the wrong cable to go between my IC-756 PRO and the shiny new Heil mic I just bought.  Its right on the radio end, but wrong number of XLR pins on the mic end (too many on the cable). The eBay seller accepts returns at the shipping expense of the buyer, but the correct cable costs $25 more than the one I got; I would have been out $31 to fix my mistake.  For $13 I got the parts to make the correct connections, savings of $12 over getting the correct cable in the first place, $18 over sending the wrong cable back and ordering the correct one. 

Still not sure if I feel smart or dumb, but I do feel lucky.

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While testing another antenna I checked this shortty. I could ping the repeater but no voice. 147.00 isn't a good freq (I knew that but still tried it) for this antenna. Oh well.

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