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Why is there a "Request Access" button on open repeaters?


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Why is there a "Request Access" button on open repeaters?

7 hours ago, RoadRanger said:

I just added one and am already getting access requests from people that are well outside it's present range - Oy Vey.

Fair question. I don't know how to go about it but I have seen it disabled on some repeaters that are open. image.jpeg.1bae8c0f549ab6b6637822e56f6c4f76.jpeg

I can certainly see why you would want to set it up this way and not be inundated with unnecessary request if you have an open or even private repeater. 

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5 hours ago, hfd376 said:

A solid half of the people who don't use my repeater, but are approved, do not live anywhere near it's coverage area.

Well, it is easy to 'request access' - maybe too easy -- and I would guess that man y users just go "shotgun" with their requests and do not even program them all. 

Instant gratification is a powerful driver !!!

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I do request use if it is an open repeater and I maintain a list of codes for the approved ones. And the other open ones. I know when I drivee thru the area I can use them and have the necessary information at hand.  Am a wandering Jeeper and do have my radio on, most all the time scanning.

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