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Can I monitor HAM radio frequencies with a GMRS License?

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   May be this is a newb question, I feel like I've leveled up a little bit, but I need a little clarification. I'm doing my initial set up using Chirp (Thanks for the video Randy) and I was thinking about programming some HAM channels in so I can keep up with the happenings here (Hurricane zone). Clearly I can't broadcast here, but I can see value in listening. I just want to make sure I'm compliant with the 3 letter folks. Is this a state by state thing? my initial googling was a little confusing.... seems that there may be some English as a second language responses on there... 

   Feel free to newb-shame me, I'm tough... just make sure it's funny.


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3 hours ago, MrGoodwreck said:

Why would you want to?😁


To learn what (radio) traffic exists in your neighborhood.  It is common courtesy not to interrupt other's transmissions.  If you know when and on what frequency there is traffic you can avoid being a problem.  One may also learn about nets that otherwise are not published where you could be a welcome addition. Another thing that one may learn is whether there are grandfathered commercial users in your neighborhood on frequencies you will want to avoid ... 

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